24 April 2011

What Weekend Testing Learnt Me

I am back with the post regarding weekend testing sessions(www.weekendtesting.com). Every session is new learning experience. How much I write about weekend testing will be less. The mission will be provided to the testers and there will be pairing or solo testing for 1 hour. Generate reports and participate in the discussion about the mission after testing the application. Coming back to my learning experience, it was great experience to do testing in 1 hour about the application rather I could say it will be a challenge thrown to test in 1 hour.
1.Some sessions made me excited of involvement and some disappointed because I side-tracked the mission, loosing concentration in the middle.
2.This made me to test some open source applications to improve myself. Suggestions like go through the heuristics, blogs helped me.
3.Whenever I am in WT Sessions, I want to take initiative and practice questioning.
4. Found where I am doing mistakes and got the chance to rectify them and move forward.