27 February 2011

The Importance of Questioning worked

I was been into my uncle's home yesterday. He was been into share markets and going through the shares websites. He was provided with a website to check his status that day. He is a frequent user of firefox. He realized that the website 
1. Is unable to display the content on the right side when the link is clicked.
2. unable to show hand icon when hovered on the text.
He called me and told me to rectify the problem he got.
I went through the website and questioned him the following questions:
Q: Asked by me A : answered by Uncle.

Q : Since when you have got this problem?
A : I just opened the website today and unable to open the links.

Q : Have you called the website provider ans asked about this problem?
A : Yes. He told me everything is fine and all are using but no one reported the problem

Q : Have you installed a new version of Firefox or any other software?
A : No.

Q: Have you tried it on internet Explorer?
A :No

I have done this following steps:
1. I  updated Firefox to the latest version.
2. Checked for the antivirus update and run the scan.
3. Entered the same website to check whether the problem exists. And It exists.

Then I thought it would may  be compatibility problem and entered the same website in the internet explorer 6 uncle is using.

And yes. The website is compatible with Internet Explorer and not with Firefox.

I told him the website is not compatible with Firefox and use the website in Internet Explorer and I updated the IE to IE 8.

The questioning has worked for me and it worked for many testers

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  1. Questioning is really an important skill. A Small and Focused Post though.