17 January 2011

Participating in my First WT and WTA

I am sharing my experience participating in Weekend Testing and WTA #5.I am very excited to be part of WT50 as it is happened to 50th anniversary.
WT50 session started at 4 pm on 8th of January and lasted till 6:30 pm (IST). The aim is to install fireshot addon for any of the browser and register as a user in the forum and find the root cause and help to fix the issue.  I paired with Nitin and we started to discuss on the issues but Nitin was using LinuxOS and Fireshot was not supported on that OS .He told me to reproduce the issues and he supported me by calling over skype. We found that most of the issues are on windows vista/7 OS , and an older version of fireshot (the latest version being 0.88). The testing session lasted for 1 hour and the remaining 1 hour is for discussion.
The session transcription can be found here . I am excited today as I received 50th WT batch today, designed by cartoon tester.

          The WTA #5 session started at 12:30 A.M (IST) on 16th of January. The eagerness to test an application and what the approach followed by other testers made me to participate in this session. 

The aim of the session is to test a game LightBot. It teaches the person playing the game how to program (or many principles of effective programming). The robot needs to go around the board and light up boxes on the grid. Each level gets progressively more difficult with more obstacles, so the “programmer” needs to keep modifying the “code” to successfully complete each challenge. As  I am testing the game application for the first time, it took sometime to get used to it. I found some issues but they are not in the context of the given mission.  Some testers used error and trial approach. I was at the 6th level when the testing session completed. The discussion started any issues were found and is it helpful for the customer.

It was great experience sharing my ideas to other testers and what the approach other testers followed ,issues they have got when participated in weekend testing sessions.

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