27 January 2011

Questions I Encountered Today.

Today I encountered the situation of power fluctuation in my house and I immediately called the fuse off number and told the situation to him and he responded by asking the questions
 1. Do you have the only problem or others. 2. where is your home located. 3. How long this is happening.
I encountered a situation where the electrician is a tester by asking the questions and reminded the testers asking the questions on the product to test.
So, The theme of the post today is not only at the time of testing the product, we should be able to ask the questions in our real life for problem solving.

Prudent Tester


  1. If you look at doctors, police, repairmen etc. you will see they are testers. They ask questions before they solve your problem. I recommend a blog post by Pradeep Soundararajan http://testertested.blogspot.com/2007/09/mother-nature-teacher-of-all-good.html where he beautifully described the resemblance.

    ~Ajoy Singha

  2. @ajoy. Thanks for posting the comment and providing the link