06 January 2011

Testing Session 1 with Ajay

Ajay agreed to demonstrate testing to me on 5th jan 2011 at 9 pm  IST. I was very excited to participate in a session with him. As soon as I logged into skype, Ajay was online. When I was ready he  told me that it will be 1 hour session and each one of us will get 30 mins for testing.
He asked me to install Fireshot addon (http://screenshot-program.com/fireshot/) on available browser and provided typewith.me link to observe his testing notes on what he is doing.
Session started at 9 pm, Ajay took the initiative to demonstrate his testing to me.
Mission :
To learn about Fireshot, which provides screenshot with various options.
Ajay is at very best while demonstrating. He exactly knows what he is doing. He completed his allotted time of 30 mins and he asked me if  I had any questions. I should have asked him the questions and how he tested or what was he thinking.
My session started at 9:30 pm
I opened a website (www.msn.com) and started taking screenshot and testing.While I took screenshot the browser freezed and I used  chrome for typewith.me.That is where I lost the track.The mission was to learn the product, but I was doing something else which  was not necessary. This way I fell into the trap and did not recover from the situation until the session  was completed.
Lessons Learnt :
1. Understand what is the mission.
2. I should have asked more questions on which website to take screenshot and which approach may be useful for me.
3. Understand what is the product all about.
4. Don't jump onto testing directly which I did in this session.
I asked Ajay to have more session for my improvement of testing skills and he accepted for it.


  1. Happy to read this post. Sure you will practice better together with practicing tester like, Ajay B.

  2. @ravisuriya Thanks for your comment. Ajay is supporting me and I hope all testers does.