01 January 2011

Testing bubbl.us 2.0

This is my first blog post on testing a website. Suggestions to improve my testing approach are welcome.

Environment : Firefox 3.6.13, Windows Xp OS.

Duration : 60 mins.

Testers: 1

Observations made during testing:

  1. the website uses flash player for mapping.
  2. Guests can design the maps and to take printout and to save , to export the users should have valid login id.
  3. There is no option to set zoom level when toggled to full screen.
  4. There is an option called Fit which increases the size of the bubble.
  5. Copy and paste options are disabled when inserting the bubbles.
  6. No horizontal or vertical scrollbars provided .
  7. There is no option to add new bubble when the bubble is deleted which is displayed when opened which can happen to users while mapping. The user must close the tab and open a new tab.
  8. When Fit option is used the bubble increased to 708% and futher clicking on that option increase to 836% and when zoom option is reduced there is no 100% until the text with icons are displayed by clicking the down arrow on the right hand side.
  9. To open a new window in firefox(ctrl + N) when using this application opens new sheet instead of firefox new window.
  10. accepts closed brackets as username.
  11. provided email id optional for loss of password which should be mandatory.
  12. updating email address ( typed @gmail.com) shows no error message.
  13. search in add contacts with field left blanks doesn't return error message
  14. the error message while deleting a group gives message " this action is not undo-able " is not required
  15. there is no option to add username for the group name in contacts.
  16. group name taking special characters too.
  17. when the bubbles are copied and pasted somewhere and pressed tab button doesn't add a bubble beside it but instead adds to the original copied bubble.
  18. there is no cut option present in the menu.
  19. The border lines of copied bubble is displayed in blue colour.
  20. There is no difference observed with the option pinned and unpinned.
  21. The username still displayed on the website when the browser is closed and the website is opened. ( Firefox has don't remember usernames and passwords enabled)
P.S.:   This post is published via msword 2007 and unable to view the image I inserted. The image is inserted by logging into blogger again.


Bubbl.us has understandable menus. The navigation is good. there were some notable issues which should be fixed and while adding the bubbles it becomes difficult to use as the screen becomes cluttered up. Help needs to be improved. Email should be made error free to retrieved. Sharing with other friends is nice addition.


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